Behind the scenes of our RV remodel

May 18, 2021
Steve Reed

Watch how we took a plain old RV and turned it into our amazing “Halfway There!”

RV Strategic Parking Tips

Apr 29, 2021
Steve Reed

When it comes to parking an RV, it can be a little intimidating. You have a large vehicle that you may be unfamiliar with and worried about hitting obstacles around you. Here’s a video we made showing some strategic parking tips in two very busy shopping centers. While larger shopping…

Oops! The consequences of not paying attention

Apr 15, 2021
Steve Reed

Well, it happened. A renter had an accident that was totally preventable but the good news is that repairs have been made and HalfwayThere is back in business! You’ll want to hear the whole story.

Halfway There survived the great Texas freeze of 2021

Feb 25, 2021
Steve Reed

Wow, was that cold and can you believe all that ice? As the cold weather approached we not only needed to prep our house but our RV! Fortunately, it was pretty easy and we did everything we could to ensure that there wouldn’t be damage. After an inspection and full…

The mandatory cleaning fee and what it covers

Jan 11, 2021
Steve Reed

Our cleaning fee covers it all; find out more about what it includes and why we make it mandatory.

The Adventure Begins!

Oct 23, 2020
Sherese Reed

Owning an RV seemed like an impossibility, but we figured out a way and we are excited for the road ahead!