RV Return Checklist

Our cleaning fee covers all the deep cleaning, sanitizing, exterior, gear, dumping + prepping waste tanks, and staging, but there are a couple of steps that are important to take when it is time to return the RV:

  • *Remove all bedding and place in the center of the bed along with dirty linens
  • Wash any dishes, pots, pans, or utensils that were used.
  • Make sure the bedroom TV and LED light remotes are in the drawer
  • Pick up any trash and wipe down any gunk from the fridge or counters
  • Remove used trash bags from the cockpit, cabin, and bathroom (we’ll replace the bags)
  • Make sure all kitchen items, games, electrical cords, remotes, etc. are in their original places
  • Double check to make sure all of your gear has been removed, go through all cabinets and drawers a final time, check under the dinette seats, the sofa, the fridge, the driver and passenger doors, and any compartments.
  • Master power switch should be set to OFF
  • Take notes of any damage, big or small, so that we can make repairs (don’t be afraid to report damage, it happens!)
  • Dump the black and gray tanks ($75 fee if returned not dumped*)
  • Make sure to return the RV with a full tank of gas

*If you are within a few hours of Austin, the best place to dump the black and gray tanks before returning the RV would be at the campground you are staying at. Then simply use restrooms along the way in order to keep the tanks clean.

If you were on a long trip and would like to keep using the RV bathroom and water for as long as possible on your way back to return the RV, the best bet would be to dump the tanks at the nearest RV Park, KOA campground, Pilot Travel Center, Love’s, or Flying J station to Cedar Park.

The nearest dump spot to the RV drop-off point is the KOA campground in Leander, TX and the dumping fee is $50.

2689 Hero Way,
Leander TX 78641