RV Return Checklist

Our cleaning fee covers all the deep cleaning, sanitizing, exterior, gear, tanks, and staging, but there are a couple of steps that are important to take when it is time to return the RV:

  • Remove all bedding and place in the center of the bed
  • Place all dirty linens and towels in the pop-up hamper (right rear closet)
  • Make sure the bedroom TV and LED light remotes are in the drawer
  • Pick up any trash and wipe down any gunk from the fridge or counters
  • Remove used trash bags from the cockpit, cabin, and bathroom (you don’t need to replace the bags)
  • Make sure all kitchen items, games, electrical cords, remotes, etc. are in their original places
  • Double check to make sure all of your gear has been removed, go through all cabinets and drawers a final time, check under the dinette seats, the sofa, the fridge, the driver and passenger doors, and any compartments.
  • Master power switch should be set to OFF
  • Take notes of any damage, big or small, so that we can make repairs (don’t be afraid to report damage, it happens!)