It is CRITICAL that the RV is level when running the generator. To learn how to level the RV, click here.

There is a small ground level in the fridge that you can put in the middle of the RV to see how level you are. If you are not level, there is a blue bag in the trunk with orange LEGO-like blocks that can be stacked and placed under the front wheels to level off the RV.

If you run the generator while not level, the oil will not get into the parts it needs to and you’ll burn out the motor. This will be expensive to fix.

If you are in an area where there isn’t any way to plug in the RV, you can run the electrical system off the generator. To do this, make sure the main power switch by the front door is set to OFF. Then, hold down the generator button in the START position for no more than 10 seconds to power it up. To shut it down, hold the switch in the STOP position until the engine turns off.

You should hear the microwave beep and the air conditioner may start up if you have it set to turn on. You can run several devices but you could run into limitations if you have a large crew using a ton of power.

There is a breaker box by the main power switch, it opens by pushing in and it clicks out and folds down. Red lights indicate bad fuses, but typically, you’ll just need to flip a breaker back to on and reduce your power consumption.

The generator draws gas from the main fuel tank. In the rare case that there isn’t enough gas to power the generator, the generator will cease working while there is still a quarter tank of gas left in the main tank so you can still drive and refill your gas.

If the generator isn’t working, you may need to open the side panel where the generator is and flip the switch in the top right to ON if it is set to OFF.

You can also power the generator from outside the RV by following the same procedure of holding down the button in the START position for 10 seconds.