Product Description

  • In an RV, space is limited, which is why having a ladder permanently mounted to the bunk might not be the best thing. With the provided mounting brackets, you can add or remove the ladder at your leisure, climbing up when you need it and not bumping into it when you don’t.
  • With the rubber foot pads, you have a steady and stable hold while climbing and with the heavy-duty screw top for the mounting hooks, you can be sure that the ladder isn’t going to slip and slide.
  • Measuring 60” tall and 13” wide with 2” thick steps, it weighs 3lbs but can hold up to 200lbs. Whether it’s meant for your child to climb up into bed or for you to kiss them goodnight, it’s a stable camper bunk ladder. It’s made of solid aluminum, which is sleek and waterproof. Even if it’s the heat of a humid summer, you won’t have to worry about it leading to the ladder rusting or falling into disrepair.
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Halfway There Review

Ladder worked out great, we had to cut ours down to size to get it just how we wanted but it was pretty easy to do. Very slim, lightweight, and durable. Stows discreetly away behind our sofa which is nice.