Poweka Butyl Rope Sealant

Product Description

  • Premium Butyl sealant is a non-drying, non-hardening synthetic rubber based butyl rubber sealant, it will remain permanently sealing and waterproofing, high viscosity, elasticity and tightness it sticks to everything to deaden sound and create a watertight seal, longer service life.
  • Length : Butyl sealant Approx 15′(4.5m) ,Thickness: Approx 3/8″, long enough for re-sealing about 2 or 4 headlight
    Butyl rubber tape is suitable for the shock-absorbing paste of windshield, door waterproof film, decorative parts, car lamp, bus body and frame, as well as the sealing of body seam and flange plate.
  • Rubber Sealant have super strong waterproof. Reduce the noise and wind when you drive your car at high speed.
  • Simply release the sealant from paper and press it sufficiently around the pinch weld.And after removing headlamp cover, the weld areas should be dry, clean, free from dust, oil and grease.Butyl rope prevent leakage, corrosion, deformation, vibration, weather and aging. Non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, easy to use.
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Halfway There Review

We used this to replace the seals on our RV windows and this stuff works great. It’s nice and sticky and moldable but firm enough to where it feels like it will last forever. It’s got great reviews and I found it easy to apply and I’m confident that the stuff will never leak.