The mandatory cleaning fee and what it covers

Jan 11, 2021
Steve Reed

Originally, our cleaning fee was optional if renters were willing to take over and do the cleaning themselves but it didn’t work out that well.

While most people who took this option returned the RV in relatively good condition, we noticed some issues that kept recurring. We ended up having to spend a lot of extra time going back over and redoing a lot of the cleaning. It cost us extra time but we didn’t feel like it was good form to then deduct some arbitrary amount from the deposit to bring the cleaning up to our standards.

Since this is our personal RV that we rent out on the side, we take great pride in making sure that when people get it, it is in exceptional condition. The only way we can ensure a premium results is by having complete control over the cleaning.

Any renter would want to be 100% sure the bedding and towels were washed properly, the toilet and sinks, dishes and utensils were sanitized properly, etc.

Plus, we do touch-ups to the paint, make minor repairs and upgrades, clean out the rear garage, the leveling blocks, the add-ons, the water and septic gear, drain and prep the tanks, and wash the outside top, sides, bottom, and tires of the RV each time.

There’s a lot to do, and we want to ensure that it is done right for each renter. Our cleaning fee ensures that you can return the RV after your refreshing and perhaps exhausting trip without worrying about all of these things.

All we ask is that it is returned reasonably clean. We have a simple checklist that you can follow on the basic steps of what to do when returning the RV.

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